Central Heating, Celebrating Love, Loss, and Planet Earth
Central Heating, Poems that Celebrate Love, Loss and Planet Earth by Betty Scott

Central Heating: Poems that Celebrate Love, Loss and Planet Earth is filled with lyrical and narrative poems. Poems of all shapes and sizes mingling within a single volume. Poems about songbirds, deer and fawn, snails and whales, men and women moving through grief asking the living and dead, “What are we doing here now?” Waking thoughts of the oceans, sky and soil, the Evergreens that nourish us all.

Special thanks to Cave Moon Press Publisher Doug Johnson for his business and artistic visions. And to Artist Alfredo Arreguin for Central Heating’s cover image, The Magic Garden. It invites readers inside.

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Cave Moon Press
Betty Scott

A portion of every book sold will be donated to Lummi Youth Academy.

May the students and faculty of Lummi Youth Academy fly and speak, fly and speak with stories and songs that depict their sacred lives

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