Washington state poet Betty Scott has mastered many poetic formats and styles of poetry for her book, Central Heating. Savor it slowly for its wisdom, then reread to dance to its beat.  In her short poems, her quick reversals engage us, “love that unites us, also unties us.” In contrast, she uses a chorus, ironic questions and philosophical pleas to protect Mother Earth, “turn around for Earth runs this race track/ her foot-falls on our back” in Simply, Simplify. Sometimes emotional contrasts toss one over a waterfall to find clarity in the balancing of life , “like joy and sorrows, you left without goodbye.” Her similes are fun for writers: “syllables bite like alligator teeth.” Betty Scott has created a fine book with many appeals from intimate family life dramas to universal questions of “Why me? What next?” often tempered by her ironic tone.

Bernice Lever, author of Small Acts, Black Moss Press, 2016; BC, Canadian Peace Poet

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