Playful, poignant, brutalized, and heart-shattered. Spiritual, skeptical, goofy and unguarded, scarred to the bone—the memorable and well-made poems of “Central Heating” offer as wide a tonal range as range of poetic form (sometimes prosaic, sometimes metrical, occasionally rhyming, always crafted). The title instructs—consider the labyrinthine passages by which and through we warm the home (the hearth, the heart) against the stubborn (and often brutal) world. Scott stammers and speaks and sings of these complexities: how to spark the vital fire when “dark crows” are outside our windows, how to grieve for “those cast aside” when pain eclipses the world, how to remember our potential to “hold words close/believing in poems as prisms/that shine with light?”

Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate, 2016-2017

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